Kenwood releases new DMR Series!

Kenwood releases new DMR Series!

Kenwood announces the launch of their new DMR series of select portable, mobile and repeater product lines!  This is in addition to their existing NXDN and P25 digital radio lines and will allow you a wider selection of cost effective, reliable products.

kenwood dmr radio

These DMR radios have dual talk path capability which is ideal for systems located in frequency congested operating areas.  They incorporate convenient digital benefits including extended range, longer battery life, lighter weight, operation in harsh conditions and multiple voice paths on a single repeater.

The KENWOOD TK-D240V/340U, TK-D740HV/840HU, TKR-D710/810 with DMR Tier II Conventional provide all the benefits of advanced digital technology such as superior clarity and advanced vocoding technology for inherently secure voice communication.

See our Kenwood products page for more details!