loudoun communications

The FSA ICall Fire Station Alerting Decoder adds remote Fire Station alerting and paging capacity to any trunked radio that can provide a switched output upon receipt of an individual call. The FSA ICALL Decoder connects to a Harris CS-7000 Control Station’s 25 pin External I/O interface.  This interface provides all the needed power, audio and control signals for operation.

loudoun communications FSA Icall box

When the Control Station receives an ICALL signal from dispatch, the FSA ICALL Decoder will:

1. Flash an alert light on the front panel
2. Unmute the paging system
3. Sound the internal sonalert
4. Sound the alert tone over the paging system
5. Transpond with an ICALL-Clear signal back to the Control Station
6. Remain in an unmuted state until reset

loudoun communications FSA Icall box

Received audio from the Control Station is amplified, filtered and switched in the FSA ICALL Decoder and sent to the house paging system.  The FSA ICALL Decoder includes a Night Mode.  When the front panel DAY/NIGHT Switch is released, the paging system is muted at night until the Control Station receives an Individual call signal.

Link to: FSA Data Sheet



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