The ES-5000DC Emergency Warning Siren is the latest edition in Loudoun Communications’ innovative and cost effective public safety warning sirens.  The ES-5000DC is 100% electronic with no moving parts for the highest dependability rate and fault tolerance.

loudoun communications tornado siren

Standard with each siren:

  • 4 extra-large fixed horns to provide 360° degree continuous coverage
  • 136db at each horn for powerful penetrating notification
  • Battery backup built into the design of the system
  • Weather proof housing for all critical components
  • Standard functions include: Up/Down, Steady, Cancel

loudoun communications tornado siren

Available upgrades include:

  • Voice Capability
  • PC Graphical Interface
  • Communications Systems Interoperability
  • System Diagnostics



loudoun communications tornado siren

An exclusive training package is available for the end user that can be tailored to your agency’s specific needs.


All sirens are manufactured in house to your system specifications.  We can design sirens to function as an independent system or incorporate them onto existing radio systems.

Siren upgrades include a graphical user interface for complete diagnostics.

Siren Data Sheet 2015



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