Loudoun adds to the OpenSky system at Newton County

Newton County’s Harris OpenSky Public Safety communications system gets two new 4.9 Ghz links this week.

newton county

Loudoun has just upgraded two more of the existing 2.4 GHz backhaul links to licensed 4.9 GHz in Newton County GA. The use of the licensed backhaul links improves the site link reliability over the previous unlicensed links. The 2.4 links will remain in place as a backup.  With the addition of these two links, 5 RF sites are now connected via 4.9 GHz licensed links.
newton county

Loudoun owner, Ed Poorman on the Newton County tower

OpenSky® is a fully interoperable digital radio communication network for public safety, utility, industrial and transit organizations. OpenSky® is a comprehensive enhancement of the network platform including improved user services, superior coverage reliability and a number of audio improvements and features.  For more information on OpenSky® and other Harris options, see our Harris Solutions page!

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